AMS Business Development consulting, training, and assessment services speak directly to the performance aspects of any organization or Government Agency. 


AMS consultants are executive level practitioners with 20-30 years of cross-industry and Government experience.  Our teams are assembled based on industry and client specific variables allowing us the ability to service clients with the highest quality and value. 


AMS leverages a proprietary best practice implementation methodology to ensure that solutions render cost control, service and efficiency.  All AMS solutions are designed within a best practice approach producing repeatable and sustainable results.

Business Development is a critical way in which organizations can work to set themselves apart from other organizations. In today’s business environment it is imperative for organizations to gain a competitive edge.  AMS senior consultants are skilled in developing creative solutions to increase your organizations effectiveness.

Please browse our best practices to the right and contact a member of our solution development team to discuss how we can help you meet your objectives.

Our executive industry practitioners have developed programs for commercial and Government clients worldwide that are designed to help bring the “balanced scorecard” to life through keen listening, sound planning, and efficient implementation.

Scorecarding is a value-based approach that integrates the Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) necessary to attain an organizations’ level of output. Value is recognized in a variety of areas such as employees, environment, product, and finance. Our approach is to first help organizations strategically identify Critical Success Factors based on the strategic vision and mission. Once the framework has beenset, the Key Performance Indicators are developed that include financial and non-financial elements.

Through real life expertise, our team is uniquely equipped to help organizations translate the scorecard based on the strategic plan and translate it into actionable thrusts (from strategic plan to strategic thrusts to operational initiatives).

Scorecards have been used in Government organizations for many years, but are just now taking a firm hold in the commercial sector. The AMS team has a dynamic advantage over other firms offering scorecarding guidance. Our teams have both industry and Government experience and can help companies understand the transition from tactical to practical implementation models.

Our programs are driven by a standardized implementation methodology and follow some or all of the following steps:
   • Analyze the current performance metrics
   • Identify critical success factors via a "house of quality" format
   • Align key performance indicators
   • Assess organizational readiness and objectives
   • Establish competency models
   • Build change plan and impact analysis
   • Create the implementation plan, timeline, and work packages
   • Define ROI and expected cost/value analysis

The above items may be modified once AMS has engaged to identify the companies "true" needs and objectives. However, the ultimate objective is to establish a management system that will produce high performance and sustainable results. AMS has proven this is possible time and time again with success stories from clients in varied industries.
AMS has compiled an inventory of Benchmark and Best Practice data from over a decade of international client engagements. Additionally, AMS consultants have over 20-30 years of specific industry expertise.

Our combination of intellectual and human capital allows us the benefit of a deep inventory of corporate standards. When back dropped against our multi-national and multi-industry expertise AMS represents a "go to" solution for research data.

Our databases can be cut by industry, by topic or by case study and then compliment with real time research driven by an AMS consultant. Our firm has been contracted to produce data reduction reports for the following objectives:
   • Salary scales
   • Demographic work force availability
   • Competency specific content
   • Project and performance metrics
   • Risk and probability
   • Competitive analysis
   • Marketing
   • And more

Additionally, our consultants can undertake a specific research project for your company to validate or justify project activities. For example, in this model AMS has produced ROI reports for projects as large as one billion dollars in the oil refinery industry. Our depth and experience allows us to scale quickly and produce data in a time sensitive environment.

Contact AMS today to discuss how our experiences can help your organization base-line a multitude of operating value points.

AMS can customize any best practice to fit your organizational needs.
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Pure Corporate Governance expands beyond the boundaries of those commonly associated with fiscal and shareholder responsibilities. Corporate Governance embodies how the organization sets strategic objectives, pursues said objectives, and the overarching performance management of the objectives.

Our executive level practitioners can help your organization mobilize corporate managers to execute against strategic initiatives using consistent decision making policy associated with the affairs relevant to stakeholders, employees, regulatory entities, and business strategists.

AMS can customize any best practice to fit your organizational needs.
While IT Governance has taken many paths recently, our core approach has remained constant in that IT Governance has to align with Corporate Governance Strategies and be driven by strategic business objectives. Our team of senior-level consultants will work with you to identify the best approach to gain IT Governance based on the strategic objectives of your organization and Corporate Governance Strategies. Once the It Governance goals have been set, a comprehensive review of your existing IT process, service catalogs, and metrics will be conducted to establish the necessary framework and approach to gain compliance.

Our goal is to help your organization gain measurable governance standards while maintaining what is best practice for your organization. Therefore an evaluation for the best frameworks fit is a critical part of the process to determine if COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology), ISO 17799, or ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) are the best course for your particular organization

AMS can customize any best practice to fit your organizational needs.
Organizational culture is a type of organizational analysis that is borrowed from the field of anthropology. It first was described as an organizational unit of concern in 1979. In the short time since culture and its relevance to organizational systems have been matters of academic and professional concern, many books and articles have been written to define and describe the nature of organizational culture. To date, no single universally accepted definition exists; however, the term organizational culture generally is accepted as referring to the shared meanings, beliefs, and understandings held by a particular group or organization about its problems, practices, and goals.

AMS has assembled a team of leading executive level practitioners that facilitate our consulting and training programs associated with organizational culture. AMS has participated in Organization Development, Change and Culture projects with clients internationally. Our teams have the experience and depth needed to address your most demanding challenges.

The concept of organizational culture is often misunderstood and confused with the related concepts of climate, ideology, and style. Culture can be defined in terms of:
   • Overt organizational behavior
   • Organizational ideology and philosophy
   • Group and organizational norms
   • Espoused organizational values
   • Policies, procedures, and rules of socialization
   • Climate

Organizational cultures evolve from the social practices of members of organizations and are, therefore, socially created realities that exist in the heads and minds of organizational members as well as in the formal rules, policies, and procedures of organizational structures. Culture is an ongoing process of reality construction, providing a pattern of understanding that helps members of organizations to interpret events and to give meaning to their working worlds.

AMS can help your organization, change, stabilize and/or modify the norms by which the culture is back dropped. Our change agents will craft a plan to reengineer the culture or help to align it via goal/value analysis.

AMS can customize any best practice to fit your organizational needs.
Process, according to Webster, is defined as a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result: a natural continuing activity or a series of actions or operations conducing to an end. Quality is defined as an inherent feature, having a degree of excellence, processing a distinguishing attribute and superiority in kind. Now, that all sounds nice, but what does it really mean? How can it help the processes you deal with on a daily basis reach a new level, without reorganizing your entire organization?

AMS has a team of executive level resources that can collaborate to redefine work flow and help improve any business process. Our team leverages a time tested methodology to evaluate process efficiency.

There are many benefits to re-evaluating processes. Some of those benefits are:
   • A decrease in the amount of time it takes an employee to complete the process
   • A decrease in the cost of your employees’ time working on a specific process
   • A decrease in the amount of time it takes to complete the entire process
   • A decrease in the cost of the entire process
   • Improvement of external customer satisfaction
   • Improvement of internal customer satisfaction

Try this five-step procedure to determine if your processes are hitting the mark:
   • Determine the outcome of the process.
   • Map out the process.
   • Establish critical points within the process.
   • Set up measurement criteria and a monitoring system to determine if the measurement is within variance.
   • Continually monitor the process and make any changes on the spot to keep the process within the measurement criteria.

AMS can help your organization efficiently identify business process improvement opportunities. This effort will lead to increased ROI, productivity enhancement and overall quality improvement. Regardless of the industry we have direct experience leading technology and quality improvement projects.

AMS can customize any best practice to fit your organizational needs.
Strategic planning has become a must for organizations that want to succeed in the 21st century. AMS has constructed a methodology to address the key principles involved in strategic planning.

AMS executive level consultants have facilitated strategic plan development for organizations of all sizes both domestically and internationally. We have worked at an enterprise level as well as within divisional channels.

Our structured approach to the planning process addresses the following:
   • Understand the strategic planning process
   • Identify the steps to break out of an old paradigm
   • Explore culture and applied strategic planning
   • Conduct a strategic planning needs assessment
   • Perform a stakeholder analysis
   • Formulate a mission statement
   • Build a foundation using business modeling
   • Conduct a SWOT analysis
   • Conduct a gap analysis to identify low performance
   • Integrate action plans
   • Conduct contingency planning

AMS can customize any best practice to fit your organizational needs.

AMS Business Development training programs teach participants the importance of competitive advantage and ways in which they can achieve it for their organization. Our clients benefit from a fully integrated and customizable solution which is focused on the critical areas of customer relations, finance, ISO, Quality, Sales/Marketing, Six Sigma, and IT Governance. AMS programs are highly interactive and contain real-world examples presented by our senior level SME’s which can also be tailored to your specific industry and even to your organization. Our best practice "Case Based Learning Experience" (CBLE) provides an industry leading customization process; enhancing the effectiveness of your training experience by providing perfectly aligned content, delivered by an instructor fit specifically to your industry and/or organization.

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